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The following are the rates used for single shipments... If you have orders to different locations, they must be on different orders. 

Also, We reserve the right to request additional shipping fees if you have too large an order for the fees requested. This is very rare...

From            To                Rate  (USD)
0.01 8.99 5.50
9.00 22.00 14.50
22.01 44.00 18.50
44.01 72.00 36.00
72.01 120.00 45.00




PLEASE NOTE: When you check out thru PayPal, please give us your phone #. We ship large packages by USPS Priority. and they require a phone number for customer contact if needed. Your number is kept confidential. Smaller items such as sensors and bulbs and smaller parts packages will be sent USPS     CANADIAN CUSTOMERS MUST CALL

IMPORTANT: Shipping is accomplished by USPS to the address provided only. No signature required. If you require your package shipped by "Signature Required" for safe delivery to you personally, not just your address, please call our customer service staff. Insurance claims can be filed on packages that are delivered (within 10 days ), but not received by the customer. These insurance claims and Silverwings cannot guaranteed replacement if the investigation should conclude that your merchanidse was delivered to the shipping address.

All  UPS Priority orders are shipped with an e-mail confirmation of shipment so you can be prepared for it's delivery..... Check out your order immediately to insure no damage has been done - if damaged, report within 10 work days from date of delivery...We may request verification of damage by requesting pictures of that damage...


All products must be inspected and damage reported within 10 days from delivery so that we can file a timely claim with our shipper. All products are inspected before they are shipped, therefore, we can be assured any damage occurred would be after shipment. When possible, we will supply replacement parts or replace the items

If you choose not to accept the products shipped or decide you do not want them, we will accept them back on limited liability. All these type returns will be paid for by the customer. The original delivery fees and the return delivery fees will not be refunded. We will inspect the products upon return and if they are damaged, we will deduct the cost of repairs before we issue a refund.


 If you are uncomfortable using your credit card on line, We can take your order by phone. Our numbers are on the left navigation bar.  Customers not location in continental USA must call for correct shipping fees.........